We run an architectural practice with a vision to provide professional architectural services to our clients. Our design aspirations are shaped by our team, our ideas, our values and the place from which we work. We value the opportunity to contribute to architectural projects and we deliver architectural commissions that speak to the aspirations of our clients and community. Architecture is a meaningful part of our lives and it is the backdrop to the events that helps to shape who we are and how we feel.

We create architecture that is based on environmental principles of good design. Our approach invites people to enjoy the spaces that we create and to feel connected to the surrounding natural and built environment. This connection to environment is important and comes about from our consideration of the relationships between different spaces, our careful placement of openings for views and light, the thoughtfulness to integrate new and old and the care we take to transition between inside and exterior spaces.

The philosophy of our practice is shaped by a desire to deliver creative and sustainable architecture. Our clients are invested in the outcome and we work with them to achieve the work we do. Our work is always about the play of natural light in space, our work is about spaces that interconnect and we make careful choices a material palette that brings life to the work. Each of our projects is a reconfiguration of these three themes, all of which are combined to suit each client’s specific brief, location, orientation and budget.

We believe our role as architects is inextricably bound to pursue sustainability. This is not just about blindly pursuing a high energy star rating. Rather, it is about creating better, smarter designs that require less resources during construction and consume less resources when the finished building is in use, while not compromising the needs our client. Intelligent use of daylighting, insulation and materials is central to our approach.

We love our sunny down town location of North Fitzroy – it’s an area full of interesting people and places to enjoy. It is an area that meshes old with new as well as contemporary design with quirky older buildings and curious spaces. There is the Merri Creek at our doorstep which for us is an inner city sanctuary of nature and well-being. We are not bound to North Fitzroy – however we enjoy being part of the local community and we see our work as being inspired by the people and the place that we call home.

There is a tradition of small design based practices like ours making a difference to Melbourne’s urban environment. We seek to do the same, one project at a time. We believe that small independent architectural practices have a role to play in the development of the built environment through. We have chosen to run a small professional practice so that we can provide services that meets the needs of clients. Our clients take a genuine interest in the outcome of their projects and they are engaged in the design process from concept to completion.